Categories of things I Custom Sew:  (remember to try to think outside the box)


Bags (dozens of types),

Cases (dozens of types),

Harness (for Cats, Dogs, Horse, etc.),

Holsters (Hip, in the pant, shoulder, ankle, hidden etc.),

Pouches (If you think you want it pouched we can make it or modify one to fit the need),

Sheaths (for Knives, Machetes, Hatchets, Axes, Tools Etc.) ,

Straps, (for Retention, Tie Downs, Lifting, Etc.),

Vests (for Load Bearing, Adventuring, SWAT, Etc.),

Webbing Assemblies (of all types and configurations).

And so much more than we have space to list.

Heavy Duty Sewing & Fabrication Services



Anyone looking for true alterations by a Master Seamstress?

We highly recommend Master Seamstress Julia Kilmer

For Prom/Wedding dresses, most formal wear, blouses, coats and jackets, suits and slacks and pretty much any type of fine clothing alteration anyone may want.  

Contact her at: 765-744-7828


Because we are also a Modification and Repair shop, we believe it makes us a better fabrication manufacturing shop as well.  Here are several photos of how doing repairs helps us do better design work. 

Tis the Season to insure work-ware is up to par for the new season;  Right now we are working on Fire Turn Out/ bunker Gear repairs for local departments.  We provide custom alterations such as

  • General patching and stitching
  • Resew reflective trims/tapes 
  • Reconstruct torn trouser cuffs
  • Repair burn holes, rip and tears
  • Remove, and replace name panels
  • Customize pockets
  • Replace hardware such as buttons, and more
  • Knee and shoulder pad reinforcements

Hunting Season is always one that we start seeing hunters, and hunting party travelers, bringing in their gear for repair, or custom made to order needs such as bags, cases, pouches, scabbards and the such.  

Also making holster making and knife scabbards, and multi-tool holster making.  Not to mention Cell Phone/tablet cases for upcoming seasonal gift giving.  

If your ready to have a custom made to order projects started, we will need to process a payment for Labor, Materials used and shipping back to you through USPS prepaid, to any Continental USA address (Lower 48 States) of your choice.  

We now are accepting Pay-Pal for processing such payments.  Just click on the link.




Chappy Jacobsen Sr. Sewing in the "Rigger Hut" at 1808 E. Jackson St., behind the Sage Green home at 1806 E. Jackson St. Muncie Indiana USA



Welcome to my All things Sow -N- Sews Web Site!

I hope you and I will have fun meeting your sewing projects needs.  I have been in the sewing industry, now some 40 years, and still enjoy it immensely, as no two days are seldom ever the same, because I get to always design, modify, repair and do something new!  When and if I take on a project for those willing to contact me.

Please Enjoy Your review of the site.

I hope once you get past, "off the rack thinking", we can discuss some interesting designs, or ways to personalize a product like a bag, case, pouch, or maybe a Cell Phone case or holster/ Rifle sling set up.

Remember, I do truly Custom Made To Order sewn products?
It is made your way, right away, as you watch it being designed, measured, cut, sewn and delivered, while you are here, or, you can satisfy yourself it is underway correctly, and decide to run some errands and pick your project up afterward.  I'me Retired and between my home office and working out of the Rigger Hut behind our home, I am rather easy to make arrangements with.

Just remember, that in My Shop....I can and do, make everything from Holsters to Bible Covers, and folks seeking outfitting, range from everyone, from Missionaries to Mercenaries, going somewhere in the world.

Everyone always gets my best performance, when they bring into my shop with them, all the item(s), "in the quantity" they want to case, pouch or otherwise carry them.
This way there is no surprise in the finished product, concerning size, capacity, or weight distribution.

That way I don't miss any nuance, that may be otherwise overlooked. 

Custom made to order, "demands", any and all items to be included in any design, be there together, to get it done right; the first time out, there is No substitute for this

None of us like unpleasant, unexpected surprises, we prefer to take a proactive preventive approach to this end.

Heavy Duty 

Sewing & Fabrication Services

Sow N Sews Custom Sewing N Repairs

In our Shop we custom make everything from Handgun Holsters to Bible covers; outfitting everyone from Missionaries to Mercenaries going somewhere in the world.

We especially do heavy duty duty or...

We maintain our calendar on Google, to see it, click on the link below